War on Waste – Australian Produce

I’ve been watching the series War on Waste UK version and I’m horrified to see tons of produce there go to waste because they’re not standard size for supermarket, and although a good chunk of it goes back into feed for the animals, an equal amount basically just ends up back into the earth.
The examples they used was of just one family-run farming business who specialised in parsnips. That family has since gone out of business because they couldn’t afford the losses that occurred with a lot of their produce ending up wasted or supermarkets cancelling orders at the last minute.
I would like to think (and hope) that supermarkets here in Australia aren’t picky about specific sizes and/or odd shapes of our home grown produce and won’t reject something just because it’s too big, too small, oddly shaped or whatever.
Nothing grows perfectly, and considering how much produce our farmers grow, that’s a lot of wastage if supermarkets only want produce that’s considered the perfect shape and/or size.
I, personally, am not fussed if my carrot looks human or if my beetroot looks like a parsnip (ok.. maybe exaggeration here), I happen to like variety in my produce and that includes shapes and sizes… and I’d like to think that consumers, as a whole, aren’t dictating a certain type to supermarkets (through purchases) causing supermarkets to be picky, if you are, wake up people! A carrot is a carrot, no matter the shape or size!
I really hope that the majority of Aussies are supporting our Aussie farmers and not favouring a certain shape when they go to buy their fresh produce, because if you, yes you, every single one of you have a say, and you say what you want every time you purchase something, and if every single one of you pick any sized or shaped fruit or vegetable, and not just go for the perfectly shaped ones or the pretty unblemished ones, then you tell the supermarkets, that it’s ok to buy ALL the produce from the farmers, not just the unblemished, perfectly shaped, perfectly coloured, perfectly sized ones, and by doing that, we can all rest assured that NO produce goes to waste because WE, AS A CONSUMER, have the power in our wallets as to what is supplied to us from our home grown farmers.

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