A Pinch of Sand

I found some old short stories written in a notebook several years ago.  I’m going to try and recover them by typing them up and sharing here.  Try being the key word as the ink has long since faded.

Here’s the first one:

A Pinch of Sand

When I look up in the sky, I see all those stars.  I think of all those stars being suns like our sun and that each and every one of those suns have clusters of planets, moons, asteroids and even comets revolving around them.  All planets floating around out there just like this one.

Not exactly like this one; some are gas, others are liquid, yet others are solid. Even to narrow the livable planets down to a third through this simple process of mathematics, then the thought comes into it of all the different chemicals that would surround the atmosphere of each of those planets.

You wonder too of the climate, are they too hot, too cold, too dark, too light? Or are the conditions just right for us like this planet.  Perhaps this planet really is a one in a million, a true  miracle.  There are still billions of suns out there, each one surrounded with anywhere between one to seven planets, perhaps even more.  The orbiting planets would total into the trillions or even zillions if that number exists. So for a planet like Earth to be one in a million, it still presents factors of there being sufficient planets out there just like ours.

The colours could be different to what we perceive is normal, the plants could be blue or the sky green.  Perhaps they have a whole range of colours that we are unable to even imagine.  Maybe the beings aren’t like humans or animals on this planet, but a form of life, intelligent or otherwise, entirely different.

I have always believe that God did create the universe, even if scientists have proved the ‘Big Bang’ theory. Someone had to create the ingredients for this massive explosion. An explosion so big, that the scientists have proven that the universe is still growing due to the effects of this initial big bang!

To me, this only proves how amazing all life is. The fact that there is enough space out there for planets and suns to continue to be created for every year that we live.  Where did all that space come from?  And as the universe, in its entirety, expand, so does the Earth in its own way.

For although the Earth, like its neighbouring planets, remains spherical in appearance, it continues to change the land masses and the various seas to balance and counterbalance the constant turbulence that continues day after day in its very centre.

The magma itself, a constant boiling mass as if to be the heartbeat of the planet. You can’t help but wonder if the magma affects the very gravity of the planet and the pull as the planet revolves around the sun in the same way that the human heart continually pumps blood around the body.  A vital necessity so that the human body can receive the much required oxygen.

The amazing wonder of the idea that everything which needs to survive relies on some form of movement, internally or externally, for its survival; the universe in its extreme, the suns in their own way, the planets with their moons orbiting their suns, the various climates that continue to work their way around this planet.

The creatures on the Earth rely on constant movement for survival. In the human body, our organs, blood, cells, our very genes in continuous motion. On the land and in the sea, marine life, birds, down to the tiniest ripple in a pond; water itself being just cells that are more active than those on land. Yet nothing stands still. Mountains, hills, trees, plants even cacti. The creatures that you see hibernate, will have have internal movement despite appearing in a state of hibernation.

The sand, in its coarseness, though not the smallest thing on this planet, but it comes close to what the human eye can naturally see without the man made assistance of technology, even the sand doesn’t escape movement for  it itself becomes a traveler that is picked up by the various winds. Once escaping its home in the sea, it first travels from sand dune to sand dune as it dries out and becomes finer, sculpted by the constant breezes, it then hitches a lift with stronger winds that take it from country to country. Sands that were initially lying on the coast of Hawaii, for example, would travel around the globe to end up somewhere in Africa, the Middle East or perhaps even Australia.

Many wonderful miracles have been recognised and witnessed by thousands who have told stories of the things that have happened to them or someone they know.  I myself have experienced various miracles.

The biggest miracle of all though, a true wonder that often goes unnoticed by many in their daily lives is the miracle of the universe itself and everything in it right down to the synchronicity of rhythm and time.

To think that everything – the solar system, its suns, planets, comets, and all the smaller things that exist today all could have started with something as small as, if not smaller than, a pinch of sand.


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