Animal Antics: 28th April – 16th May

t 28th April 17

I give rats a spoonful of curried mince with rice, and before I had a chance to tip into their bowl, the rats are all over it like me when someone offers me a plate of cookies, “I’ll have that one and that one and that one and oh.. that one..”

They can’t fit any more in their mouth and still trying to grab more lol

2nd May 17

The things cats will do to get to a box.

I placed an empty box up top of a pile of washing on the couch, balancing precariously. Goldie climbs the mountainof washing to try and get to the box, almost causing an avalanche in the process.

We are not amused!

Cleo was sound asleep on the floor by my computer chair (something I disapprove of for fear of harming her with either my feet or the chair wheels). With my fingertips, I pretend to apply pressure on her foot giving the impression that it’s my foot.

Within seconds Cleo jumps up waddles a metre away, then sits down on a mat giving me a filthy look.  I’m pretty sure it’s the same look the Queen would give her subjects had they trespassed into her private chambers uninvited.

3rd May 17


I frequently buy bird seed shaped into a swing for my budgies which my finches love to play on as much as the budgies like to eat it.

Their most recent swing has been wearing thin and I’ve yet to buy a replacement swing.  Sadly, today, the remainder of the seeds had fallen off their current swing and landing in the baking dish below where I place the seeds for the finches.  This left just the wire in the cage with no seeds on it.

For the rest of the afternoon, the budgies have not stopped squawking at me all afternoon, and it wasn’t until I walked up to the cage, looked down into the dish and told them, “I can’t help it your seeds fell down!  Go down there and eat it!” did they give up their squawking rant and went back to chirping mode.

I think they’re now trying to serenade me into buying them another seed swing.

Tomorrow, they’ll get a seed bell.

16th May 17

Share and share alike

So today, I bought 3 cow legs (the bony bit), and a small set of ribs.
I give Cleo one of the cow legs (because her jaws are amazingly strong, and I need something that would last her more than an hour or so), and I give Milly a smaller rib as her jaw is weaker.
After they both happily chew on their bones, they switch.
I thought this was accidental, so switched them back, and placed the bones on opposite sides of the room so they couldn’t see each other.
#Milly: Mummy’s on her computer (she says as she brings her rib over to Cleo), wanna swap?
#Cleo: Won’t mummy be mad?
Milly: Chew fast, maybe by the time she notices, we’ll be so into the bones, she won’t have the heart to confiscate them again.
Cleo takes the smaller bone and chews it on her bed. Milly TRIES to drag the leg bone back to her corner but gets as far as dragging it off Cleo’s bed. lol
I look down at the same time Milly looks up at me.
Milly: Please mummy, please please, please can I keep this?
I giggle as I see Cleo happily into the rib and Milly happily guarding the leg bone.
Well, ok, if they both agreed to the swap, then they can switch bones.
Gotta love furkids.

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