Awakening is a movie that starred Robin Williams as a doctor treating catatonic patients with L-dopa, a drug used to treat Parkinsons during the 60s. The movie is bittersweet in that the drug does work for a short period,  but the patients, if memory serves correct, start to become catatonic again by the end of the film.

My body reminds me a lot of that movie.

In my youth, I  used to say to a close friend, I’m at war with my body. Growing up, I  had a lot of digestion issues with my body which ultimately became IBS in its most extreme form. I couldn’t eat dairy foods of any form, greasy foods,  red meat, spicy foods or acidic fruits and vegetables. 

Suffice to say, on occasion, I’d have a brain snap, and would crave the foods that my body wouldn’t allow me to eat. On those occasions,  I would give in and eat those foods much to my chagrin at a later time when what I’d eaten would come back to haunt me.

In my thirties, my mum discovered aloe vera concentrate which protects the intestines and alleviates most of the symptoms  of IBS.

For the first time in my life, I could eat foods that I didn’t dare touch in the past for fear of reprisal from my own body. Chili, dairy, take aways and so many other foods were no longer taboo, and I’ve enjoyed being able to try everything the world, and my budget, would allow.

Despite the miracle of Aloe, my age has caught up, and once again, the foods I couldn’t touch in my youth are coming back to haunt me. Although they’re not on my taboo list yet, I’ve had to add most foods, from spicy to dairy to greasy foods back onto a minimal only list. I dread that day in the future when… or if… I hit my senior years when these foods will once again be 100% taboo, and my diet will again become a bland boring diet of boiled or steamed veggies, white meat, and non acidic fruit.

For now, I’m making the most of what my body will let me have whilst I learn of interesting new ways to prep the boring old fashioned meals.

And that’s why the movie Awakening reminds me of my body (and vice versa). What was once my past will ultimately be my future.

Always be grateful for, and make the most of, what you have now, because you’ll never know when it’ll all be taken away.


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