Life begins at 50

I don’t know about beginning period. I do agree that a new fresh life starts at 50.

When I think about all those sports people in their teens to thirties, and all the activities that the younger generations do, life is pretty much happening more fom our teens to 40s. The way I see it, anything preteen is a dress rehearsal and what happens during that time dictates our ‘first life’ whether we follow along the same path or strive to break free from our youth. 

Then something happens in our forties where we start to question everything we do in every aspect of our life. We don’t all do it consciously, many will do it subconsciously, but if you look deep enough, the questions will be there. You know the ones. The words might differ from individual to individual but the basis is the same; “have I achieved all I wanted in life? Am I happy? What more can I do to grow as a person? What more in my life needs to be done? WHY am I here? Do I want to do this for the rest of my life?” 

We start to inwardly observe ourselves, looking for the answers to those nagging questions. And we marvel at those seniors who stuck to one thing all their lives seemingly content in what they do and we continue to question ourselves. 

Then around the mid century mark, something clicks. The answers start coming. Not so much in words, but in feelings. Instinctively,  we know what to do and because we know, things start falling into place. We can accept our lot in life because we did everything we needed to do in our first life. 

Now, in our ‘second life’, we’re doing what we want to do, whether it’s continuing to work or volunteering or something else. Because we’re now at an age where we know what makes us happy, what we find gratifying and enjoyable, then that’s what we choose to continue with.
I do finally understand that saying ‘Life begins at 50’ because it’s no longer a life we didn’t really have a say in, it’s now the life we CHOOSE to live, and therein lies the difference. 


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