Ice creams in the sky

Some times my dreams are just weird.

One of my most recent vivid dreams was of seeing individually wrapped ice creams falling from the sky.  Didn’t make any sense until I realised that there was a plane that had collided with something in the sky and was now falling.

On it’s way down, and I’m still trying to work this out.. it had either narrowly missed… or hit (still not sure yet) a passenger ship, before skidding to a halt on a sandy bank.  The ship itself had started to sink, but again, didn’t sink very deep.

I did manage to get more clues in my dream, but this happened a few nights ago now, and I’ve forgotten a lot of the clues.

I’m not taking this dream seriously.  The dreams that I normally have, that I class as prophecy dreams as they tend to come true, I don’t forget details and the dream will haunt for as long as it takes till the event happens.  But this dream, I’d almost forgotten about till someone else mentioned dreams today.

So I’m guessing that this dream is symbolic for something else.  I’ve yet to look up all that I remember in the dream for what the symbols might mean.


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