Mummy’s Little Helper

Whilst in the bedroom, I decide, despite it being late afternoon, to fold up the blanket and place it on my chair neatly.  So I have the blanket spread in my outreached arms as I look for the corners to start folding.

At that moment, I spy Cleo walk in and decided to play on her diminished sight.  (I do this often to test her other senses and see how long it takes for her to find me when there’s no movement.)

Cleo looks in Milly’s direction who’s sitting on the dog bed in the bedroom. “You seen mummy?”

Milly looks at me, “Yeh, she’s there.”

Cleo looks in my direction, “Where?  I don’t see anything… and come to think of it.. where’d mummy’s chair go?”  The outspread blanket in my arms had created the appearance of a wall.

Milly grinned.  “Look up.”

Cleo looks up at my head appearing over the blanket and her tail starts to wag, “Oh there you are!”

By now I’ve found the corners and started to spread the blanket out, as one does, to begin folding it.

“Oh are you making the bed?  Can I sit on it?”

“Don’t even think it!” I say as Cleo lines up her pounce in the same way young girls do when they try to enter a skipping rope game.

“But that looks like fun!”

Managing to get the blanket halved despite Cleo’s attempts to sit on it, I jokingly but exasperatingly said to her, “the least you can do is help me fold this!”

“Ok.”  Cleo comes closer to me, about a metre from where I was standing, and stands still with her tail wagging.  I throw out the blanket again so as to quarter it and it lands on top of Cleo.  Cleo stands still but her tail doesn’t stop wagging.  Somehow, it’s easier to fold this blanket up when it’s not touching the floor, and it only takes me another five minutes tops, with Cleo’s help, to get the blanket quartered, then rolled up into a neat little bundle which I then place on the chair.

“Thank you Cleo.”

“My pleasure! Now can you let me out please?  I need to pee.” she smiles as she happily bounds out the bedroom door pleased with being able to help me with some housework.

Gotta love helpful furkids.


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