Silly Sausage

Recently I had made up a recipe, “Farmhouse Sausage”.  Although the sauce in the recipe was awesome, I was reminded, the hard way, why I stopped eating thick sausages so many decades ago, so decided, I’ll save the sauce for myself for other meals, but will chop up the sausages and put them aside for the cats and dogs, both as meals and treats.

After all the cats and dogs got one serving each (the recipe called for 8 sausages, which meant a serving for everyone + leftovers), I put the remainder in a container and put aside for toilet and bedtime treats.

Cleo, being a con artist who knows the only way she can get food after dinner time is by asking to go to the toilet, so she’ll ask to go every 10 minutes, and somehow, she’s mastered the art of peeing every time she goes out so I can’t even tell her, “no toilet, no treat”.

But I’ve made it more difficult for her to obtain the sausage.  Normally, when I give her a toilet treat, it’s a biscuit that I put in her ball that I know will eventually fall out if she moves the ball to the right position.  I didn’t factor in that the sausage would stick and be more difficult to exit the ball.

Having a stronger smell than a biscuit, Cleo could tell there was definitely a treat in the ball, but no matter which way she turned or guided the ball, the sausage wouldn’t fall out.  Even her amusing knack of picking up the ball and shaking it didn’t result in a treat.  By this time, I was doubled up in laughter when Cleo gave me a filthy look, picked up the ball, and carried it to her bed.  “I’m going to get this thing no matter what, even if I have to chew through this damned ball to get it!”

Suffice to say, I rescued the ball in time, and she eventually got her sausage treat.

Later on in the evening when she had asked to go out, I had to think up another plan as I knew she’d destroy the ball if I put the sausage in there a second time, so finally came up with an idea.

I use metal bowls often for my girls, over the years, I’d saved up and bought different sizes, so it’s easy to stack them in different ways.

This time, I decided to use a metal biscuit bowl to place her sausage in.  Easy, you might think, until I placed a much smaller metal bowl on top of it, covering up the sausage, not unlike the shell game, except minus the two other options (although I might try that too in the future).  With the little bowl, upside down, sitting snugly in the bigger bowl, I was intrigued to see how Cleo would manage this, there were no rough edges on the bowls for her to get a grip with her teeth so she couldn’t pick it up that way, so she could only use her paws, or perhaps nudging it with her nose.

Well Cleo did try nudging with her nose before realising this little bowl wasn’t going to budge, so started with her paws.  For the next five minutes, she attempted to rotate the bowl so that she can maybe get a nudge in, but with the shiny surface, the bowl wasn’t moving.  She looked up at me, annoyed that I was once again doubled up in laughter, “a little help here?!?”

“It’s in there!”

She sniffs, “Yeh, I KNOW it is, but I can’t get it!”

“You can get it”

“Oh ok, I’ll try again then.”

For the next 15 minutes she kept pawing at the bowls trying to get one of them to release their prize, but aside from moving the big bowl across the kitchen, and even trying to tip that one upside down (this was a wide skirt bowl, untippable), the little bowl wouldn’t move.

By this time, my bladder couldn’t take it any longer and neither could Cleo, “Oh come on mum!!!!!!!!”

I finally gave in and lifted the bowl, she got her sausage.

I put the bowl down not giving her the chance to inspect if the bowl was empty, so for the next ten minutes she still attempted to move the top bowl (I had returned it in the same position) before finally giving up and walking away, but for the rest of the night, she kept returning to try and flip that little bowl.

Gotta love furkids and their determination, especially when a sausage is involved!


2 thoughts on “Silly Sausage

  1. Her antics are a sign of genius. I’m doing a course on about dog cognition and intelligence. You should check it out, it’s free! Also the book The genius of dogs if you can get it from your library is a very good read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll definitely check both out. I’m forever pushing the minds of my girls despite their age as it seems to keep them thinking and acting young. Moreso with Cleo, because she’s going deaf and blind, making her think and giving her obstacles, I believe, stops her getting depressed about her disabilities 😊


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