Priceless moments of week ending 16th April ’17

No doubt, knowing my furkids, content will be added to this blog.

10th April

Cleo heading off to the bedroom at a casual pace with a bone in her mouth after I distinctly told her, “no bones in the bedroom”

A flash of fur speeds past as Milly chases after Cleo, “Hey!  That’s my bone!”

11th April

T.C. after napping for a couple of hours, decides to wander into the kitchen to see if dinner was being served yet.

Coming from behind, as I’d just left the bathroom, I sneaked up on T.C as he didn’t see me approach and waited by the loungeroom door for T.C. to eventually leave the kitchen.

As he left the kitchen, I pounced, doing a playful hiss.

A startled T.C jumped back five feet, literally landing in the laundry.

This is too much for a 50 year old bladder to bear!

12th April

After telling both dogs off about bringing the bones in the house a few days before.  When Milly asked to go out today, she decided to do the right thing and take a bone back out to the yard.  I didn’t ask her to do this, and this is the first I’ve ever seen any of my dogs RETURN a bone to the backyard!


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