A bit of natter whilst I wait for the chemist to open…

I’m dying!

At least that’s how I felt this morning soon after I had a breakfast smoothie. I had just taken my first sip, and straight away, a lump appeared in my esophagus, the type of lump that occurs when you scoff down starchy foods too fast and it gets stuck midway. But it couldn’t be the smoothie, surely! I had only taken one sip! Trying to ignore the lump, I enjoy (or try to) the rest of my banana/yoghurt/honey/turmerix smoothie. Don’t get me wrong, the drink itself was really nice, but as I drank, that lump kept getting bigger to the point of discomfort. Now my chest started to feel tight and pains shooting down my arms. Could it be my heart? It can’t be; that’s been given a clean bill of health only recently.

I start praying, “Dear God, I’m not ready to die just yet! I only just woke up, the cats need their breakfast,  the dogs need to toilet so if you could please get me through this. I’d greatly appreciate it”

So in answer to my prayers,  a suggestion comes to mind – use your massager.

I have a bulky electrical massager that I bought to ease discomfort whenever I have muscle spasms, so ever so gently, turned that on and placed it on my chest in the vicinity of the lump.

After about 10 minutes,  the panic attack eased as the feeling of the lump in my chest slowly began to dissipate. Still worried it might be heart related, I  had just turned 50 after all, as soon as the discomfort eased to the point of being tolerable, I grabbed my scooter keys and headed to the medical centre.

Good thing I wasn’t dying, although the receptionist was there, the doctors hadn’t arrived yet! Never a good idea to get sick outside business hours! So the doctor arrives, and eventually I get called in (I was 5th in line) and explain to him what happened. Turns out I had a spasm in my esophagus causing the muscle to tighten and basically block what was trying to go down.

“But all I had was a smoothie,” I mention the ingredients, “and I sipped not scoffed”

“It can be caused by chilled drinks or irritation to the esophagus. ”

“It was only fridge temp”

“Then something irritated it.”

“This has never happened to me before. The only new thing I had was the Turmerix”

“It must have been that.”

After some thought, I  wondered where I went wrong. I didn’t read ideal measurement,  but I only put in a teaspoonful,  a fraction over flat, but not heaped. This wasn’t going to stop me using this new product,  I just had to figure a way around it.

After a few seconds of silence while all this flushed through my thoughts, I asked (for future reference): “what can I do to alleviate this if it happens again?” (Which no doubt it will as I have no intention to stop.)

“A hot water bottle or something warm placed on the chest to relax the muscle and release the food or drink that’s blocked.”

I can do that! “Thanks doc,” I smile, amused that he suggested another home remedy I frequently use to relax the heart to gain control of my nausea whenever it gets out of hand.

After mentioning a couple of other issues which, although not scary, is being extremely annoying, and receiving my scripts, I  head out of the medical centre feeling alive.

Turns out I wasn’t dying after all 😊


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