A Sticky Web

“Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly”, a poem written by Howitt in 1829

Could she predict a century later, we’d all be connected and online?

Today’s web is just as deadly with its bait and distraction,

too many people see it as their life’s main attraction.

People have forgotten to live, and to see the world in all it’s glory

They’re all too busy online, entranced in someone else’s story

It is great there are few strangers now, only mostly friends

But we fail to see the time fly by and life quickly ends

Sites like Facebook, twitter and snapchat may draw a tempting bait

But it becomes a great distraction leading many to their fate

So don’t become entrapped in this sticky web, don’t be that fly in Howitt’s time

Avoid the social media trap and make sure your life will shine

Warning signs may come and go, don’t over look them all

When opportunity knocks, a chance to live your life, make sure you answer the call.


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