Dealing with Weight issues

REALLY good to know it’s still in me to do this!

A few weeks ago, my blood sugar kept dropping down to the 3s forcing me to eat jelly beans.. something I’d grown out of several decades back.

The addictive nature in me picked up on the habit and for the next couple weeks, I couldn’t stop myself from scoffing down jelly beans every day. I knew this was a problem I would have to seriously deal with sooner rather than later.

So when my weight ballooned to 151kgs a few days ago (the most I’ve ever been was 160, and I vowed never to get that high again, my limit is 150 now, I won’t let myself get any higher), I knew it was time to deal with that addiction.

I hid my remaining jelly beans and prayed my blood sugar didn’t drop in the meantime, and decided if I had a sweet craving, the only thing I’ll let myself chomp on is dates (which are sweet enough in themselves).

My already measured meals (which I give a leeway of 200gms – 400gms depending on meal and time of day) was cut down to 200gms or less.

And although I still included carbs (which was also measured – meal consists of 100gms carbs + 100gms whatever else I had, although I’d allow an extra 20gms over for veggies), and only Greek yoghurt with honey and fruit (also measured to a limit of 200gms) for breakfast, and within a week, my weight’s dropped down to below the 150 mark, I’m down to my average 146kgs.

So proud! REALLY good to know I still have the knowledge in me to do this when needed!

MUCH thanks to Biggest Loser Transformed (Australian version), I figured out some exercises I can do inside the house till my limit stopped me – steps, mini burpies (I can’t bend my knees too much due to osteoarthritis, the pain won’t let me), lifting weights (Cleo and Milly come in handy for this) and running laps from the loungeroom to kitchen to bedroom (much to the excitement of the girls who chased me), and this helped me heaps. Happy about this considering my energy levels won’t allow me to walk around the suburb, but found I can do 10 – 15 minutes of the above mentioned exercises daily to help with my weight loss



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