Treats Galore

Because of Cleo’s debilitating conditions, mainly her blindness.  I worry that at her age, she’s getting bored with life.  I can’t walk her as much as I’d like due to my own health issues, so I worry that she’s not getting enough stimulation.

A couple of days ago, I came across a cat ball, with shapes cut into it and a little ball inside of it.  I threw it towards Cleo but she had no interest in it.

Of course not,  she’s an old girl after all.

So the next time she came in from the toilet, a lightbulb moment went off.  Drop the doggy cookie into the cat ball.  When Cleo put her paw up for the hand out, I mentioned, “I don’t have it, but it’s somewhere in this kitchen.”

“Well where is it then” She puts her paw down and glances at the empty bowls by the water bowl.

“You’re going to have to look for it.”

Cleo sniffs around and spies the cat ball in a corner of the kitchen so sniffs that. “I don’t see it….oh wait…” she had walked away but quickly turned back to re-sniff the ball.  “I think I found it.”

“Good girl.”

She looks up at me, “wait!  How do I get it out of there?”

“Figure it out.” I figure that gives me half an hour of peace.

Two minutes later, Cleo happily trots out with cookie in mouth…*crunch* “figured it out.” *crunch*

Damn that ball, the shapes in it are cut too big!  But it’s still a useful tool.

So since then, Cleo checks the cat ball on the way in just in case I’ve dropped the cookie in there, which I usually do.

On the way out tonight, Cleo put a paw on the ball and looked back at me as she continued to head out, “don’t forget to put the cookie in here mum”.

“Yeh, I won’t forget!”

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

….Cleo’s not that bad a learner also!

Updated to add:

Last night, I was watching to see how Cleo removed the treat from the ball…

…turns out, as she got tired of playing with the ball (after a couple of minutes), she’d pick up the ball between her teeth and shake it till the treat fell out!


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