Doggy Rewards

I googled Is Chamomile Tea safe for dogs and much to my delight it was.  I had left over tea from the night before but wanted to make sure I didn’t make my girls sick before tipping it into their bowl.

Cleo saw me approach the bowl, so she followed.

“You want?”

“Of course! I mean, yes please.” Jumping up, she remembered the rules and sat down politely raising her paw.

I poured the tea into her bowl and she happily went to taste this new treat.

“..what’s this?!?”

“It’s Chamomile tea”

“…but what IS it??”

“It’s good for you.  Drink up”

She takes a couple more licks…

“I don’t like it.”

“But it’s good for you!”

“But I don’t want it!”

“Milly do you want it?”

“No, I’m good.” She says from across the kitchen as she watches Cleo’s reaction.

So I transfer the day old tea, only about a couple tablespoons, into their water bowl. Cleo, seeing me do this, went to taste the drinking water.

“Yeh, that I can handle.” Liking the much more diluted chamomile tea, she took a few more gulps.

Note to self: flavour their drinking water occasionally with chamomile tea for health benefits.

How Chamomile helps dogs

Later in the evening, Milly had come in from toileting, and as I was in the  middle of making Goulash Meatloaf, I wanted to change the recipe slightly so was chopping up some Camembert cheese (since I find it’s too soft to grate), so had put aside a slice for Milly.

(story continues below image)

Goulash Meatloaf

Milly, expecting a doggy cookie, accepted the cheese, and while it was in her mouth, she looked up at me.

“What’s this?!?”

“It’s cheese.”

“Oh ok,” she starts to chew it, but then stops and looks up at me again, “doesn’t taste like cheese”

“It’s expensive cheese”

“Oh ok,” realising it’s something she probably won’t get frequently, she happily wolfed it down before Cleo had a chance to approach her to sniff what was the odd yellow thing in Milly’s mouth.

Gotta love furkids!


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