Cats and toileting

Ever notice that individuality in felines extends to how they use the litter?

Dozing off to sleep recently, listening to my cats in their rooms, I could hear one of them using the litter.  Amusingly I realised I knew exactly which cat it was too.

It seems all 4 of my cats have different ways of using the litter.

One of my girls is a sprinter.  She does a mad dig in one corner as if she’s trying to break a world record of “how fast can I dig to the centre of the Earth” before she relieves herself, then ever so casually covers it up again.

Another of my girls doesn’t like to get her paws dirty, so she’ll just go in, do a couple of strokes on a clean patch, relieve herself, then shake her paw.  I always know when she toilets because it doesn’t matter which litter she uses (2 in the garage, 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the loungeroom), and no matter where I am, the odour makes me want to pass out.  If you ever wanted to get people out of the house quickly, don’t smoke them out, just send this girl in!

My third girl likes to be discreet, so I never know when she uses the litter.  She carefully digs, just enough to create a ditch, not enough to make a sound, relieves herself, then equally as carefully covers it up again.  The perfect cat for a renter who’s not allowed pets.  Visitors would never know she was there. My friends often call her my non-existent puss.

My only boy is anal (if you can forgive the pun) when it comes to his litter. He takes his time digging the ditch, but it has to be just right, so he will dig the ditch for at least 10 minutes before he’s satisfied.  Relieves himself, then spends the next 40 minutes making sure it’s perfectly covered… if it’s not covered the right way, he’ll uncover it and re-cover it over and over until he’s satisfied. (Yes, I’ve timed him).

Just listen, if you have more than one cat, and they toilet indoors.  Listen to how they use the litter, you’ll find they each have a signature dig.

Gotta love furkids!


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