The Things Furkids do to remind us of their presence…

Buying myself a kebab through a home delivery service, it wasn’t enough that I shared it with my furkids.  The wrapper was barely in the recycling bag for five minutes before Cleo, my near blind senior who’s nose could put a bloodhound to shame, found the wrapper, fished it out of the bag and commenced to make paper and foil ‘snow’ all over the carpet!

Thankfully I caught her in time before too much damage was done, and my verbal scolding only caused her to grin at me with a face that said, “oh well, it was a nice try.”


I had briefly placed my tablet on a stack of magazines as my senior girls asked to go to the toilet.  Only a few minutes later I returned and went to pick up my tablet but it appeared stuck to the pile of magazines.  I look under the table where the chair is positioned, and Goldie, my feline who like any other, will find any small square flat service to get comfortable on, had decided whilst I was gone that the tablet was a good place to curl up on.

I did eventually fish it out from under her much to her chagrin leaving her only with the stack of magazines to nest on.


I had just gotten through the round of feeding all the cats when Misty had decided that ten minutes was enough time to eat her dinner, placed in the bathroom, and asked to be let out to her favourite hangout, the garage.

Remembering that I, myself wanted to do something in the garage, I followed her out.

“Well if you’re coming out here, I want to go back in.” She watched by the front door as I did my task, and as I headed back to the front door, Misty changed her mind.

“Oh, you’re going back in?  Ok I’ll stay out here.” This feline likes to go into (what I call) feral mode and pretends to treat me like a stranger when she doesn’t need me.  When she’s hungry, it’s a whole different story, I’m her bestest friend in the world.

I go in, and by now, it’s the dogs’ turn to ask to go out, so I let them out the back door, and in the couple minutes I do that, heading back to the loungeroom to have my own dinner, Misty has realised, “Oh!  Mum has food!” and sits at the front door, hoping I glance her way, realise she wants to come back in, let her in and share my dinner with her.

Not gonna happen.  “When I get up, I’ll let you in then, you’ll just have to wait.”

“Oh bugga, by the time she gets up, all the human food will be gone” Misty stalks off away from the front door to nestle down in one of her favourite spots in the garage.


….and all this happened over the space of half an hour… nobody believes me that I do laps around the house.  When one has furkids demanding attention, there’s no time to sit down!


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