Morning Routine – Rainy Days

I don’t like going out on rainy days…

….actually, that’s not true.  In the past when I walked everywhere, I’d happily go out on rainy days, I really do LOVE rain, but relying on a mobility scooter to get around, I can’t go out on rainy days.  The battery and electrical wiring are situated only a few inches from the ground, and it would only take one deep puddle or a water splash back to short circuit my scooter, leaving me stranded goodness knows where and a hefty repair bill.  So it’s just safer to stay home.  I compensate by standing in my backyard naked enjoying the rain and hope there’s no lightning near by…or elderly neighbours with weak hearts.

On rainy days, TC, who would normally go outside, I send him out to my garage to spend the day there.  Misty happily goes out there anyway.  The garage is her domain and everyone knows she’s the boss out there which is how she likes it.  Goldie, being Misty’s best friend, naturally will follow Misty out there.  The garage is an awesome place for a cat.  It links straight onto the house, so much so that to get to the front door, one needs to walk through the garage.  All my excess junk is stored out there either in boxes, bags or piles (some as high as mountains).  For the cats, there are also two litter trays, a water bowl, a food bowl and a cat game or two.  TC loves the garage because he gets to be indoors without actually being indoors.  For an outdoor cat, he sure prefers indoors all the time!  Misty loves the garage because there are loads of places to hide or curl up in to take a nap.  She’s tested me with this in the past, and I could never find her!  Goldie just loves the garage because of Misty, and there are loads of places to climb, and she knows I won’t get mad if she destroys anything (heck, less junk for me to worry about).  Normally Flick stays inside.  With her weak legs, she just likes to curl up somewhere near the crate, which one would liken to a security blanket for her, so often, even when she’s inside, I don’t see her as she’s usually curled up in a secluded corner out of the way, when she’s not taking over the dog bed next to my computer.

This morning, I had other plans.  I wanted all the cats out in the garage, so decided to make it interesting for them.  Tidied up a small area, re-arranged a few boxes and a plastic chair and placed a seat cushion by the front door.  On the days when I do chuck Flick out there, she never wants to leave the front door with the off chance that I do open it before dinner time, she can come racing back in.  Then made the magic sound that I know works on all sizes of cats.  I opened a tin of cat food.  After emptying the contents into the bowl, gave the tin to Cleo (my dishwasher) to lick out and went and let the cats out.

I open the bathroom door to release Goldie and Misty from their night time confinement, and naturally, Misty heads straight for the garage.  After a quick look around the house to inspect everything, Goldie soon follows.  The house, (with the exception of the garage) is Goldie’s domain.  This is where she rains and will frequently do inspections to make sure everything is in order. And when the other cats are inside, she likes to supervise them, see what they’re up to, and why they’re doing what they’re doing and to gently remind them that she’s boss of the house.

I then let Flick and TC out of the crate in the loungeroom, where they sleep at night.  This is where the magic happens.  Hearing me open the tin food, they naturally both go racing to the front door to be let out into the garage.  Both TC & Flick LOVE their stomachs, so will go anywhere for food.

By this time, Goldie is ready to come in.  Here’s where my favouritism shows itself.  Where I would normally say no to the other cats, it’s much harder for me to say no to Goldie, so often, she’ll happily stay inside when all the others are in the garage.  Here’s where I try to talk her into staying out…

“Are you sure you want to come in”

Goldie looks expectantly at the door waiting for it to open, “yep”

“But there’s food out there.  Aren’t you hungry?”

Now she looks up at me, “I’ve seen the food, I also see I’ve got no chance, Misty always wants it first, then TC will want some, then Flick will push everyone away, and there’s no way I’m eating after Flick spit!”

This is true, because of her under bite, Flick spits into her food, the only one who doesn’t get grossed out by it is TC, but none of the others will touch the food after Flick’s eaten.

“Besides” Goldie continued, “I wanna see what you’re doing!”

*sigh* “Ok” So much for a cat free day.  I let her back in.

After another quick inspection of the bedroom, Goldie then follows me around as I head to the back door.  Goldie knew this was coming, she knew at least one of the dogs had to go out and pee, and she was right.  Cleo had toileted earlier, she prefers I let her out before I go to the toilet, and if I go first, she teaches me a lesson by peeing in the kitchen, so now I let Cleo out first.

Milly had not yet gone out, and she was showing signs that she really needed to go, but didn’t want to let on because it was raining.  After much insistence by me, she finally walked out the back door, and I quickly closed the door behind her.

Feeling the rain on her back, Milly straight away turned around, “Mummy, it’s not that urgent, I really don’t need to…oh damn, she’s closed the door.. damn damn damn!”  Milly turns back around and goes to find a least wet spot to pee.

As I hold the door open for her to come back in, Goldie uses this chance to sneak into the laundry (which ultimately leads to the back door and the yard).

“No, you’re not going out there”

“Then why’s the door open?” She inches closer.

“Because Milly’s out there and is about to come in”

“Well can I just…” as Goldie inches closer, Milly comes racing in and almost stampedes over Goldie in her rush to get in and get dry.  By the time Goldie recovers from the collision, I’ve closed the back door sealing any chance she had to see the outside world.

Goldie and Flick are my smallest cats.  Stunted growth (for different reasons) as kittens left them half the size of a normal cat.  I’m even more scared to let them out with so many hazards in the outside world that can easily shorten the life of a cat.  Misty used to have outdoor access, but after running under a moving car last year on Mothers Day, I grounded her for life.  She hasn’t forgiven me for that. Misty only had access to outdoors because she’s the normal size of an average house cat, so I figured she could handle herself, and if there wasn’t so many cars nearby, she probably would have outside access as she prefers to be outside. TC is my biggest cat being at least 1 – 2 head sizes bigger than Misty, and easily double the size of Flick and Goldie.

Sulkily, Goldie heads to the front door, “Well if you’re not gonna let me look outside, and you don’t scold Milly for running over me-”

“You were in her way!”

“That’s no excuse, you could at least have told her to be careful”

“As she’s leaping in the door at full speed?!?”

She lifts her tail and goes into traditional, ‘I want out’ pose: “Well anyway, I changed my mind, I want to go out to the garage!”

“That’s fine, see you all at dinner time” I let her out and close both front doors.

Yippeeeee  cat free day!

No doubt the cats are all saying, “Yippeee human free day!”

Gotta love furkids!


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