Going Shopping?

Milly likes to act like the cats so that anything that looks soft enough to bed down in, she’ll use it.  This often includes a stray shopping bag that found its way to the floor.

Imagine my amusement when Milly toddles into the kitchen with the strap of a material bag saddling her back legs, thereby dragging the bag along with it.

After recovering from cracking up, the conversation went something like this:

“Finished having a good laugh then?”

“Going shopping are we?” still in a fit of giggles

Milly jumps up on me, “quit the jokes and take this bag off me please”

I crack up some more.

Milly jumps down, “oh good grief! Mum I need to pee!”

“And you need a bag for that??”


I remove the entangled bag and let her out to pee.

…gotta love furkids. lol


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